Is this a difficult process to learn how to do?

Not at all! With just a few numbers and information, you can print pay stubs in just a couple of minutes.

How cost effective is it to make a check stub?

When you compare online check stubs to using an outside party, the savings are considerable. Since each person who makes pay stubs online can have one or more employees, it can be difficult to determine the overall cost savings. However, historically speaking, hiring outside companies to do this are not as cost effective and no where near as convenient as doing it yourself at home or in your office.

What information can the paystub creator include?

Our paystub maker includes the same information you would find on traditional employee pay stubs, such as income, rate, hours worked, deductions, pay period dates, and more.

Is my information kept safe?

At CreateCheckStubs.com, we take the privacy of each and every customer very seriously. Our website is encrypted to prevent anyone from gaining access to your account or from being able to see any pay stubs online in your account. You can rest easy knowing your information is safe with us.

Is there only one template?

No! We have multiple templates to choose from and you can pick any one you like or one that suits your needs best.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the ease of using our website and the minimal costs to use our check stub templates, we do not offer refunds.

Our Check Stub Templates

Regular Pay Stub

Enhanced Pay Stub